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Version: AMF v5.x.x

AMF code snippets

In this document we'll go through examples of using AMF 5 from the Examples Repository, where you can clone, run, and test all AMF 5 examples in this documentation.

Cover the basics

If you don't know how to use AMF yet, refer to the Using AMF section to learn how to add AMF to your project and how to use AMFs configuration and client objects.

Code snippets

These examples showcase AMF functionality beyond the common use cases already documented in the AMF section.

How to add an EventListener

How to create a Transformation Pipeline

Note: Pipeline creation is only supported in Scala and Java.

How to serialize a Shape to JSON Schema

How to render a Domain Element

Render an API as a Stream

Note: Streaming is only supported in Scala and Java.

Create an AMF configuration from an API

AMF can automatically detect the type of AMF Configuration needed for an API: