Standards and tools to define, parse and link metadata

Designed for Connectivity

Align the semantics of different formats and link documents in a single unified metadata graph.

Extensive Tooling

Use libraries to parse, generate, validate, publish, store and query metadata defined with AML.

Standards Compliant

AML is compliant with W3C standards for semantics, linked data and the related ecosystem of tools.




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Unified Metadata Graph

Metadata is a key element in any organization. Unfortunately, different formats and lack of explicit links keep metadata from different systems and tools disconnected and incompatible.

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AML (Anything Modeling Language) can be used to describe existing YAML/JSON metadata formats or design new ones, providing common semantics and linking the information into a single unified graph of metadata.

Batteries Included

AMF is an open-source programming framework, capable of parsing, generating and validating metadata documents defined using AML. It can be used as a library in JVM or JavaScript projects, or as a stand-alone command-line tool.

The modular design of AMF facilitates creating plugins capable of parsing other metadata syntaxes not defined by AML.

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