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Version: AMF 4.x.x

Creating an AMF model in memory

AMF allows you to parse existing APIs, but you can also use it to model fluent, descriptive APIs in memory.

You can use an AMF WebApi in memory to:

  • Edit an already parsed API
  • Power a visual API designer
  • Create programmatic API tests
  • Debug the WebApi Graph model

Create a WebApi with AMF

The following code example creates a generic "Music Service API" with the following endpoints:

  • /me: Retrieves a user's profile
  • /me/playlists: Retrieves a user's playlists
  • /albums: Retrieves a specific album or a list of albums by their IDs

For the purposes of this API, all responses are returned as strings, but you can further specify requests and responses by defining a schema for an album, playlist, or user.

Code extracted from the examples GitHub repository.